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  • Cut-Throat Grok

    A no-nonsense character with a huge scar across her neck. Grok is a reedy half-orc who favors dark clothing. She carries a notched greataxe and an array of throwing axes hangs from her belt. Grok frequently grins toothily, and uses appalling curse words, …

  • Master Scourge

    Master Scourge is the Wormwood’s boatswain and master-at-arms, and [[:mister-plugg | Mr. Plugg]]'s right-hand man. As boatswain, he is in charge of all activities and sailors on deck, and as master-at-arms, he is responsible for discipline.

  • Mr. Plugg

    Mr. Plugg is the first mate of the [[:wormwood]], second in command to [[:captain-barnabas-harrigan-8 | Captain Barnabas Harrigan]] himself. A brutal and sadistic bully, Mr. Plugg has no love for the crew serving under his harsh command.

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