Heavy Gunblade

weapon (melee)

Heavy Gunblade
Exotic Weapon
Two-Handed Melee:2d6 Crit 19-20(x2)
Two-Handed Projectile:2d6 Crit(×3)
Range Increment:60 ft

This Musket like weapon has a blade attached to the barrel giving it the ability to be used in melee combat.
Even with the Exotic weapon feat, user must choose melee or ranged. The other still takes a -4 penalty without a second Exotic weapon feat for
Loading a heavy gunblade is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Normally, operating a heavy gunblade requires two hands. Shooting always requires two hands.
A Heavy Gunblade holds 2 bullets in the barrel (only one fired at a time)


Heavy Gunblade

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