Samuel Harper

Sammy Harper is the worlds greatest pirate.


Sammy Harper is lad of 17 winters. Mastering the art of waterbending he has set forth with fellow vagabonds and cutthroats to pursue the noble dream of becoming the greatest pirate to sail the Shackles. One day all men and non-men will fear the name Samual Harper.

For a crazy person Sammy has a higher wisdom bonus than you do.
His strength is rather low’
Constitution is on the paltry side.
Intelligence is rather high, I can speak four languages.
The ladies think I’m drop dead sexy, strangely some men do too,yuck.
Not quite as nimble as the cat but definitely more so than the rest, maybe not Lefty who knows with that bard

Armed with my trusty rapier, and new-fangled cutlass of awesome power and spellcraft that will blow your mind completely out of your head if I so choose, Sammy Harper has set out on his quest.


Raiz Blooddrinker will die by my hand. He is the bane of my existence and I will see him as carrion before I pass on in this world. Sammy is a survivalist, five long years I served the Blooddrinker, also serving him will steal the sanity from a ten year old. Watching my family and everyone I knew put the sword then serving that ogre their blood from a chalice, well you can imagine the outcome. One day little Annie showed up, oh Sammy knew what was in store for her. But that can’t happen, won’t let that happen, she’s too young, not even ten summers old, looks like a sister I might have had, before my parents were murdered, or if I had ever had a sister. Anyway, one night Sammy decided not to let the Blooddrinker have his fun, broke into his cabin Sammy did. Smashed the ogre in the face with an oil lamp I did. Stole Annie and threw ourselves overboard.

In the sea I thought for sure we were goner’s, but wouldn’t you know, the water saved us, I’m not sure how but I brought both of us safely to Port Peril. Shortly there after Annie was taken and given to the Orphanage, I was thrown in jail for a few days, stealing or some such trifle. Never did see Annie again.

After that a Dock Rat I became, stealing, gambling, maybe killing who knows. Then the sea beckoned me and the fool Harrigan kidnapped me and well we shall see about the rest.

Samuel Harper

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